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Orgone Pyramids: MUR Lifestyle

Are You In Need of Enhanced Spiritual Meditative orgone pyramidsExperience?

If your answer is yes. Then you have come to the right website. I would ike to introduce you to the MUR Lifestyle Orgone Pyramids. These pyramids are the custom creation of sculptor artist, researcher Garth A. Harvey.  The MUR Lifestyle Orgone Pyramids where designed to serve two purposes for two specific types of people.

The first type of person, is the type of person that is into the  higher aspects of spirituality and soul development. This person also desires to have a higher energetic experience through one of many arts sch as Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Cleansing etc.

The  second type of  is the type of person, is a person who maybe familiar with personal development and energy healing practices . These people tend to be a bit reluctant to get involved due to peer pressure from family and/or friends.

Well, the MUR Lifestyle Orgone Pyramids was created to appeal to both types of people. The construction of the pyramids are based on Mr. Harvey’s travels to research many ancient cultures like the egyptians, Khmers and Incans to name a few. These experiences have helped Mr. Harvey develop the MUR philosophy towards his pyramid construction.

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What MUR Means?

MUR or MR as it would be written if where using “Mdr Ntr”. Mdr Ntr is the language spoken by the ancient Kemetians/Egyptians. MUR/MR, actually means love and/or beloved.

So when MUR is used to describe the MUR Lifestyle Bamboo Orgone Pyramids. What Mr. Harvey is referring to is the process of love, not the feeling.  The love how humanity views love, is a small part of the love process. The true aspect of love is what all pyramids are based on according to Mr. Harvey. He believes to truly live life to it’s fullest one must not only understand that everything is love. People must  understand that love is a the struggle, love is the pain, love is triumph. This holds true  for all relationships whether it’s animate or inanimate objects in nature.

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MUR Is Love